I am going to apologize up front this week’s blog is going to be a little short.  Life has really thrown a wrench into my path these last few weeks.  I work for a company as a contractor for the Government.  Which means we are on contracts for so many years and then we rebid.  Being part of an 8A Small Business this is typical life.  However, the contract I was on was lost due to a lower bid from another company.  We found out last week that most of our last days would be 7/20, with the exception to a few of us working until the 28th.  Tuesday the new company came in for training and for the transition of the contract.  I found out Wednesday I had a job with the new company.  I would finish out my time till the 28th on the current contract and then move over to the new company, however, this changed and I started with my new company on Friday.  Thursday & Friday they meet with more of my co-workers, and slowly some of my family are coming back into the ranks with me.  It has been a hard week saying good bye to people who you have worked closely with for 1-4 years.  People who you look forward to seeing every day and do things with outside of work.    I look forward to the new chapter in my life getting to know my new co-workers from SparkSoft Corporation and growing my knowledge base and skills.  Like my mom says God closes doors for a reason.  Now off from this bit a news and on to today’s blog.

My favorite thing about the day is the starting and ending.  I love the colors of a sunrise in the morning bringing a fresh new day into my life.  The only down side is I am either driving or sleeping when during the sunrise.  🙂  So the next best part of the day is the colors of the day ending.  Showing us that there is still something to look forward to no matter how bad the day has been.  It is kind of like the day is telling you, thank you for being with me and showing its gratitude through the multiple colors of the celebration of you completing another day.  So here are some photos I took during one such sunset.  I hope you enjoy them.



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