Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.  Been a busy week for me with work, and then spending all day Saturday at an amusement park and, I am a bit worn out and sore today.  Anyways I am going to give a little bit of background on a State Park my family has visited several times.  We always stop by and see the overlook and typically have a picnic there.  It is a very peaceful area even though the history has not always been that way.

Droop Mountain Battlefield is in Hillsboro, WV north of Lewisburg, WV.  The battle of Droop Mountain occurred on November 6, 1863, during the American Civil War.   To give a little background West Virginia was admitted to the Union as a state on June 20, 1863, due to Virginia and the South succeeding from the Union.  The Confederate army lead by John Echols was attacked on Droop Mountain by Federal forces lead by W.W Averell when the Federal troops were trying to ruin Confederate railways.  Droop Mountain was one of the largest engagements in West Virginia during the war.   Once the battle reached a violent breaking point, many of the Confederate soldiers fled for safety retreating to Virginia and throwing away their arms during the retreat.  The Federal forces pursued until dark and captured many prisoners and gained many arms, ammunition, and materials.

The Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park is an official Civil Ware Discovery Trail site and was purchased by the state in 1928 and dedicated on July 4, 1929, as a memorial to the casualties of the battle.  During the depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps built a Museum, and lookout tower in the 1930’s.  All which are still available to the public.  The park features Playgrounds, Picnic areas with shelters, hiking trails, a Cannon, and Confederate Graves.

The park features a re-enactment of the famous Civil War battle and is held in alternating years complete with small skirmishes, lady’s social, and period worship service.  There have also been reports of ghost and voices from the Civil War period.  There have been reports in the more recent years that include people stating they have heard galloping horse and seen headless Confederate specters.  One year after uploading my photos I had a few minutes of my hair standing up on my neck.  I am not sure how much I believe in ghosts but some of the pictures I captured seems to convenience me that there may be some truth to these stories.

If you are ever in the area check the park out.  It is fun to see the beauty of nature but also learn some of the histories of our Nation.  Not all history is good, but it helps us remember where we come from and hopefully will help us to never get to this point again.


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