First Craft Fair of 2017

Yesterday marks the first craft fair completed for this year.  I wasn’t sure how this one was going to turn out or how I was going to feel.  I ended up getting sick last weekend and diagnosed with Bronchitis.  Only to have the cold medication I was taking to cause my symptoms to become worse.  The chocking and wheezing from my asthma attacks were not fun at all and I thought they were all because of my cold, but Friday when my tongue started swelling I thought maybe there was another reason and it was.  Once I stopped taking the OTC cold meds the tightness and wheezing went away and I felt like I could breath.  Which also helped with the coughing.  Don’t get me wrong I still cough but nothing like it was.  I couldn’t take a breath without having a coughing fit and my muscles in my back and chest are now sore from all the coughing.

Saturday morning found me feeling a little bit better, I was worn out and tired but thought I can survive this.  I am glad I did, the show started out kind of slow.  The rainy cold weather did not help that any, and it didn’t help the way I had my table displayed either.  I had an L shaped layout for my table with all my framed photos on the front table and the individual matted photos on the table.  Mom suggested that I move some of my framed photos to the back of the other table and move some of my matted photos to the front table.  I was surprised at how many more people started looking at them.  You wouldn’t think that a little change like that could make a difference.  But when they see the prices on the frames they were just walking off and not looking at anything else.  It is all about presentation.  I am filing this little bit of information in the back of my head.

Some of the items I had out yesterday.

I ended up meeting a bunch a really nice people and enjoyed talking with them all, you don’t always find people like that in today’s world.  That always seems to make the shows go by  that much faster.  Even the people who did not purchase anything talked to me about how great the photos looked.  Which is a good booster for your self confidence.  I ended up selling 7 photos, 4 of which I was asked to sign.  I never thought I would have anyone ask for my signature that was a new experience for me.  I may have asked them if they were sure that they wanted me to sign them a couple of time because, I didn’t want to mess up their mats in case they didn’t like the way I signed them but in the end they did.  I also met this one kid who was enthralled with my photos of the Helicopter that I had taken.  He wanted to know how I was able to capture it with my camera and it not be blurry.  It is nice to see people that young taking an interest in photography.  He has a wonderful chance to hone his skills at an early age and be way better than I am at my age.  It is interesting when the roles have been reversed instead of me asking someone questions on how to take certain photos I have someone asking me.

In the end I enjoyed my day with my mom and meeting new people.  This is a show that I would not mind doing again.  I know if the weather had been better there would have been more people that would have turned out.  Who wants to go out on a cold rainy day, and this is nothing that anyone can control.  Those are the types of day I want to stay inside covered up with a good movie or book myself so I know why people were not out in masses.

I am going to apologize if things do not make a lot of sense today.  I am a little out of it with this cold.  But I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  See you all next week.  🙂


7 thoughts on “First Craft Fair of 2017”

  1. You work is spectacular! Sorry ya weren’t feeling well😢I get bronchitis and/or pneumonia once a year at least then usually crack a rib from coughing – urr – so I completely emphasize with ya! Hope you are back at 100%!!!

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    1. That sounds awful. I have only cracked a rib once and that was not a fun experience. Mine was due to a mastiff reaching the end of their leash as I was running to keep up with them. I went air born and landed. Told my friend then I was glad I never played football. LOL. I am feeling a lot better than I was. Took me a couple weeks after the antibiotics were over to completely get over it. Of course it wasn’t helping that it hit during allergy season. Seems every year my allergies get worse. 😦

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      1. I wish this round they would have given me steroids the last time before this year they did and it seemed to help so much more. Of course while I was in there complaining about the choking feeling and my lips and tongue being numb the wrote that off as me coughing to much. Not that I was allergic to the OTC Meds I was taking.

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      2. The steroids will mess you up though pretty bad! I’ve a lung issue so get tons of respiratory stuff!! Been up 7 full days on them before with no sleep and completely outta my mind! I hate the steroids but yep .., they work!!

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      3. Oh man that sucks. You don’t feel well to begin with and you need your sleep only to not be able to sleep and recover. Luckily I have never had that reaction on them although I think I was on a 5 day plan the last time. 5 pills the first day, 4 the next and so on.

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