Beartown State Park

Well, this has been a fun week, which if you can not tell I said that sarcastically.   I finally decided to take a few days off from work, as I was needing a break.  You would think that I do not know how to relax.  Well, you would probably be right.  I spent Wednesday mulching the yard.  Thursday was spent spring cleaning my bedroom and Friday spring cleaning the Spare Bedroom and doing laundry.  Saturday was spent meeting up with a Friend for breakfast coming home and getting the groceries.  Then the rest of the day spent spring cleaning the bathroom, stairs, hallways, and living room.

The spare bedroom was a beast.  I moved to my current house in November of 2013.  The closet in this room has housed boxes of stuff since I moved.  Which meant that I got to go through each box.  Most of it was trashed as I had not needed any of it since I moved.  Other things were sentimental value.  Like the last birthday card, I got from my Grandmother.  My birthday is the 23rd of February and she passed away March 15 of the same year.   Most of my time was spent going through pictures.

Deciding to take a break from my cleaning I decided to do some electronic spring cleaning.  I am very OCD on my folder organization for my computer.  Each year I start out with a folder for that year with two sub-folders titled Indoor and Outdoor.  Each camera shoot is broken down by location and date.  I tend to visit locations more than once.  Needless to say that I have been a little busy and I needed to reorganize last years photos.

I came across some photos from a family trip to one of the State Parks an hour or so away from my parents.  The park is called Beartown State Park and I love going to this state park.  Beartown State Park is a 107-acre park located in Pocahontas County.  The current park was purchased in 1970 by the state along with a donation from the Polan family in memory of their son Ronald Keith Neal, who lost his life in Vietnam.  This park features boardwalks through the many rock cropping which people used to claim bears would hibernate in the small cave-like structures.  I can say I have never seen a bear in this park in my many visits over the years although that would make for an interesting photo.  🙂

So during my much-needed break from cleaning, I had fun going through my photos and remembering the memories each one contains.  The time spent with family and loved ones and the memory of a place that is calm and relaxing.


Do you have anyone special spot that you go and visit often?


5 thoughts on “Beartown State Park”

  1. First, allow me to apologize profusely as PLEASE PLEASE know that I absolutely LOVE your artistry!! You’re also a bit special to me as you were my first follower 😄 but I was thinking you must not post often but then I realized I subscribed via reader I guess instead of email which is what I’ve been looking at (email) – urr!! But… good news for me is now I get to binge read ya 😜. Please accept my apologies for being an idiot! 😄

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    1. No apologies needed. I am new to the blogging world too so I guess I just found out you can do the same thing. 🙂 Will need to go through and do that for you and the others I follow. I understand the blogs get lost in the reader. Especially if you are not in it every day. Would be nice if they had a notification like Facebook when you post something and you are following it alerts you but I guess the email is the same thing. 😀 I feel the same about you as you were my first follower other than my own mom. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

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      1. Well I just figured out how to do the Email subscription. But unfortunately if you see that I re-followed you I learned really fast that you don’t click the following as is un-follows. You have to click the “…” and chose manage. Sorry about that. 😦

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