Spring Time Drive

It has been one of those weeks where I am feeling cooped up in my own house or at work.  I guess maybe I am getting that spring fever where I want to go do something but I just don’t  know what I want to do.

It is Easter weekend and I am watching my brother’s friend Jacob’s bunny well I am going to their house and feeding it.  Last night on my way back home I just kind of drove around.  I haven’t been in that area so I just wanted to waste some time especially after being stuck in the office all day.   Unfortunately that meant I did not have my camera with me.  However, I can say that spring is hitting this area hard now.  We have been having those wonderful spring time showers with a rumble of thunder.  Of course I am waiting for the Rainbows I would love to get a good shot of one.  This is an item of my Camera Bucket List.  🙂

Today I wrapped up my feeding obligations this evening as I was walking out of the house it started raining but I had grabbed my camera anyways.  Pouring rain makes it hard to get any type of shot.  However, as I was leaving their house the sun started coming back out.  Suddenly the thought of heading back out to work hit me.  Our magnolia trees are in bloom now, and the thought of them having some rain drops on them made them that much more appealing to me.   But this was not to be, as it had not rained at the office.  Since I was there I grabbed some shots anyways.

Magnolias are one of my favorite spring flowers after dog woods.  They smell heavenly and are so big and beautiful.  They are not easy to get pictures of around here because they always bloom when there is a frost in the forecast and normally the blooms are dead before they even open.  This year is an exception to that and years like this are normally few and far in between.

To liven up the photos a bit I did some tweaking.  Tonight was the first time ever using graduated filters in Light Room.  Some of the backgrounds were not what I wanted them to look like.  So with the graduated filter I could select the bloom and lower the exposure of the photo and make the bloom stand out.  I am going to have to play around with this a little bit.  I have all these features and I do not know how to use them.  I see some Adobe Photoshop classes in my future or online tutorials.

At the end of the trip I was able to get my shots of water drops on my Hosta plant at home which wound up this evenings drive.  Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter.



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