Spring has Sprung

My favorite time of the year has arrived!!!  SPRING!!!  Everything is starting to bloom, trees are starting bud, and everything is becoming new again.  Spring has always been my favorite season with Summer and Fall following it.   You’re probably thinking he forgot Winter.  Well, I must admit I have fun sometimes in the snow, and I absolutely love the Christmas season.  But I could do without everything looking dead, white, cold, and dreary.  To me, it is short days, cold, snowy, icy, and dead.  It is downright depressing to my soul.  I spend my days inside hiding from it wishing for warmer weather, greenery, longer days, and just enjoying the outdoors.

So, here I am excited about the season.  Waiting for the perfect day to get outside and take my photos.  But lately, with work the days that I have been able to do this, it seems like it is always rainy and overcast.  But I decided to not let that get me down, I was going to get out there and use whatever time I had to get my photos, well unless it was pouring down the rain and then I was not going out to get wet.  😉  There was one photo I was really interested in getting.   I have lived in Fairmont, WV for over three years.  On my way to work, there is this beautiful old stone house that has these giant weeping cherry trees.  They remind me of something I would expect to see in China.  Up till this year, I have yet to be able to get photos of them.  They are on a busy highway and I must pull off the road and walk along it.  Not a safe situation.  Anyways on my way through there early Saturday morning I decided to pull over traffic was non-existent and I thought you know what I am not going to have regrets for not taking them.  The blooms don’t last too long and before you know it they are gone.  Only wish I had realized what setting my camera was on before I left.  I had it still on a slower shutter setting so they are not as crisp as I want them.  But hey I got them and I am going to love them until I can take a better one.


I was also about to get some shots of some flowering apple trees.  Would I have like to have the sky blue behind the blooms?  Well yeah but I think they turned out okay with the cloudy sky.  To me, it shows the new beauty overpowering the dreary weather left over from the winter season.   Then I found some grape hyacinths and some daffodils blooming, oh how I love these flowers.  They bring back fond memories of my childhood.   I couldn’t help myself taking shots of those either.  Now I am just waiting for the magnolia trees to start blooming.

Moral of the story you cannot let the weather get you down.  Get out there and take your shots.  Who knows what you might capture and maybe the dreary weather is just the perfect background for the photo.   Sorry for the shorter blog this week.  Hope you enjoy the beauty.


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