Shoot Local

So, a lot of us see photos from all over the world that we can only dream of ever visiting and taking our own photographs at those destinations.  However, when dreaming and wishing I think we sometimes overlook the beauty that is near us.  Living in the great state of West Virginia there are all kinds of places I can go visit and enjoy the outdoors.  Some of them I visit with Family and Friends others I just enjoy taking a quick trip on my own.  Until you get out there and explore you won’t know what is at your own doorstep.

Some of the places I love to visit when I go back home to visit my parents are Kumbrabow State Forest and Blackwater Falls State Park.  Both having different scenery although both do have waterfalls.  But I also like taking back roads and just exploring you never know what you might come up on that not many others know about.

While living in Morgantown and Fairmont I have been known to visit Coopers Rock State Forest and Valley Falls State Park.  Just getting out and hiking on my own and getting back to nature and letting all my cares of the world just go away.  I am not too terribly familiar with the areas so I tend not to explore too much.  But I have been getting out of my comfort zone and seeing where I can go.  Thank God for GPS systems, because I am sure I could get myself lost.  But, I have found out too just exploring the streets in town I can get pictures especially of the buildings in this historical old town.

Exploring your area not only helps you find new locations, but can help you learn some of the histories of the area that you are in.  Things that people no longer really talk about or if you are not from that area things you did not learn in school or from growing up in that location.  While it is okay to have dreams, and goals my only word of advice is don’t miss out on opportunities around you.  You never know one of you most famous or most favorite shot could come from some location near you now and you may never get to take it if you don’t take a chance and get out there.  Do some research and ask people you know where they like to go.  You never know what hidden gems could be lurking near you.

Tell me what are some of your favorite locations to go and take photographs?


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