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It is that time of week again.  However, I am going to apologize this week upfront.  I am not sure how much this blog may make sense as I have a bad head cold and am taking meds. which then make me a little loopy.  So, with that said let’s get to the subject of Social Media.  So, last year I decided to step into the realm of Social Media as I wanted a place to showcase my photographs outside of my personal Facebook page, as I only have co-workers, family, and friends on my page.  So, what do you do when you want things to be a little bit more public?  Well, you start a Facebook page, which I did.  This way I can share Events, Pictures, and News to the people who like my page.   However, there are a slew of other sites you can user for Social Media and I will discuss a couple of them below that I am familiar with.  Social Media can help a photographer by getting their images in front of people they normally would not be able too.  We are only one person and can only be one place at one time.  However, with the help of the internet, our pictures can be everywhere making it easier to sell your photographs if that is what you want to do or to let people see them and enjoy them for free.

Facebook, okay so everyone well almost everyone has a Facebook account (except my dad who sneaks onto my mom’s) and it is a very popular platform.  I created my Facebook page K.D. Gladwell Photography last year.  Now, since I am not well known it has not blown up like I thought it could but I am happy with the 90+ followers some of them are my friends and family but others are new people that I have never meet.  After starting my Facebook page, I found groups that I could join and post my pictures to which helps get your name and face out into the public eye.  I think my proudest moment was when one of the groups updated their cover image with one of my photos I had posted in the group. While  I am still learning the ropes of running my page, the biggest thing I could pass to anyone else is to keep posting on your page and share your images with groups.  No one is going to find out about you unless you put some work into it.

So, blogging to me is another Social Media outlet you can utilize.  For me, it is a way for people to get to know me as a photographer and a person.  I try to make my blogs personal and I hope to connect with my readers.  It is nice to interact with them and meeting new people who can help me on my path of being a better photographer.  One nice thing about WordPress is when I post this blog it automatically posts to my Facebook Page.  However, the opposite is true with WordPress.  My pages on WordPress all have links to my Facebook Page so both tie into each other.

There are many other platforms out there for you to share your photos.  Such as Instagram, which is one program that I am looking at opening an account for my photos.  There are other sites such as which you can host your photographs and people can buy them, but there are also groups and contests within the groups you can participate in with people from all over the world.  Check out my account by clicking here.  You can host for free with a limited number of photos to upload or you can pay a year fee and host unlimited photos.

What Social Media platforms do you use and why?


2 thoughts on “Social Media”

  1. I’m awful about social media and had resisted Facebook a lot because of all the drama that can easily be attached to interaction on FB but have finally joined the FB world anyway like you, through posting automatically via WordPress. Here’s to hoping you get a zillion followers!!!

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