Dream Photography Destination

We all have that one place we would just love to go once in our lifetime.  A few years ago, I would have said Hawaii.  Now don’t get me wrong I would still love to go there; it is just not as high on the list of places for me to visit. The lush forests with their beautiful wildlife and flowers.  The wonderful waterfalls that only you can dream of.  The volcanos active and non-active that have given life to these islands.  Without them, there would be no Hawaii.  Then you have the beautiful beaches that everyone dreams of.  However, that was then and this is now and that dream location has changed for me.  After taking an Art History course at WVU my dream destination changed.  Gone were the thoughts of taking pictures of exotic birds and flowers.  In was the thought of capturing photos of old churches, monuments, and stained glass.   This all changed when we got into the Architecture portion of Art History I fell in love with the structure and glass of old Churches, and the old architecture period itself.  Where man learned to overcome obstacles, and building these giant structures out of stone by hand.    So where do you go to see the old gothic churches and some old architecture?  Yep, that is right Italy, Rome, and Greece.

I can just imagine the pictures I could take, of old stained glass with the sunlight pouring through it the colors bouncing off the old stone pillars and floors.  The thought of what it must have been like when it was first built.  I also imagine visiting some old Greek and Roman structures still standing today when most modern buildings would hope to last that long.  The old fountains with tons of people around them just enjoying the beauty that was meant to be enjoyed.   Learning more about the famous sites, things I did not learn in class.  To see the real thing and not just pictures in a book.  Walking down the tiny streets and feeling connected to the places themselves.  Becoming part of their history, loving them for what they are and their beauty.

Knowing that my photos can help bring joy to people as the photos have for me.  Maybe helping them to make a dream vacation wish list.  However, I also know that I will have the photos to help me remember my time there and help me relive that moment repeatedly.  Knowing what it was like to walk down the streets, meet new people and see new things that I could never see in America.

Having this kind of dream helps me as a Photographer.  I want to hone my skill so that I can take the best shots possible.  I don’t want to come back and regret not being better at taking them wishing they were better and in general hating the photos themselves.  Giving me a bad memory of such a wonderful place.  I don’t want to struggle with trying to capture the image and miss the opportunity because I couldn’t and regret that for the rest of my life think what if.  Having goals helps us a human to be better, and to learn our weaknesses so that hopefully we can overcome them or at least know or limitations so we don’t hold ourselves accountable for something we cannot perform.

One day I hope to be able to remove this goal from my bucket list.  But for now, it gives me something to dream about.

Where would your dream photography destination be and why?


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