Who is Kevin Gladwell

Okay, so you are probably wondering who is this person, or maybe you’re not.  However, this week’s blog is going to be a little bit about me.  Well, here it goes.

I was born and raised in West Virginia.  I grew outside of Huttonsville, WV a town of 250 people.  Both of my parents still reside there.  I learned a lot about nature from living there.  Considering the closest town to us was 45 minutes away and yes that is the closest Walmart.  Not having any kids my age I spent a lot of time by myself exploring the woods, creeks, and enjoying being by myself in nature.  I never was a big hunter so that did not take up much of my time.  I found fishing boring so I didn’t have that to do either.

From a young age, I loved taking pictures.  In second grade one of my Christmas presents was an 110mm Kodak camera.  I think this one of the most memorable presents I have received.  I took it on all my field trips in grade school.  I remember taking it to Canaan Valley Wildlife area and thought that the roots of the trees were the most interesting thing.  My dad always would laugh and say that I took pictures of the weirdest things.  But I loved them, they were different and I wanted to remember them.  To this day, he still tells me this.  Funny thing is when people see them they always ask me about the weird ones and I am finding more and more people like them too.

After graduating from High School I moved to Morgantown, WV one of the bigger cities in WV with a population 30,000+ people not including the students from West Virginia University.  Here I attending WVU for several years and worked for a local hospital for 8 years before moving on.  During this time, I purchased my first DSLR a Sony A200 camera in 2008.  This having been my only camera.  I carried this thing with me all the time when I went out on trips or when I go home I have it in my front seat.  You never know what you are going to see.  There have been so many times I haven’t taken it with me and wished I had.   Over the years, I have self-taught myself many techniques with this camera.  It has been my first love and I hate to see it go.  However, I am going to give it to someone else who can use it for what it can do, and it is getting time to upgrade my camera.  There is only so much I can do with it and I am limited with the 10.2MP sensor.  My next camera I get will probably have a full frame sensor in it.  I am so eager to learn so many more things.  Along with learning to use my camera I have also taught myself a lot about Photoshop and Lightroom to help me bring out the detail in my pictures.  I do not do a lot of enhancement on my photos.  Most of the time I adjust the exposure, and the curve to help bring out the highlights and shadows in my photos.  Some of my fall photos though I do adjust the color to help bring out the colors of the leaves but never to the point they look fake.  My next goal is to find some photography classes to help me hone my work so that it can be the best it can be.

I have now moved to Fairmont, WV as I am a Software Tester/Project Coordinator/ 508 Specialist for a Government contract.  Yes, I fill many shoes for this job but I love what I do.  In my spare time, I go out with friends or by myself and take photos.  This is one of the ways I reduce stress.  There is nothing better than being alone in a park looks at the beauty and trying to figure out the best way to capture it with a camera.  This helps me to forget about everything else and gives me something else to focus on.  I leave feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the next problem in life.

So, I would love to hear about you leave me a comment on how you started into photography.


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